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The new direction – Story for all five characters nearly complete!

i just had to learn too many things from scratch to do this is UDK, so,  quite literally, i’ve gone back to the drawing board with AGS

Some prep work based on the earlier concept stuff:

The Rimmer Player Character

The Rimmer Player Character

I have to say that I’m all excited again about this and it’s become a labiour of love once more…. not a pain in the arse as it was becoming.

Until next time… hopefully not another year or so, though =)

Rough Character Sketches – Rimmer

Rimmer Character Sketches

Okaaaaaaay, I want the game to be fun to play and trying to model the characters in a full-on realsitic style is kind of serious. Sort of grown up and, well…. that’s not what i want. I’d like it to look fun so these loose character sketches will form the basis of the cartoon-ish crew.

Until next time =)