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A Word On Opposition

People have said to me that this project is far too grand to complete and that i should scale it down to make it achievable.

I’ve been told that if i want to be a games designer then start small with ideas that i can build up, change adapt and finish

I’ve been told that games design should come from building all assets first and then adding gameplay to it and gradually building a story from there.

I’ve been told that story isn’t important to the game

To all of this i say the following:

I don’t want to be a games designer.

im not trying to write a red dwarf story.

im not trying to make a red dwarf game.

i want to create something that can make red dwarf fans truly feel like they’re involved in the show. im trying to make something which will allow people to have experiences and make warm memories of being closer to something they love. to allow the audience to participate and affect changes. I, like any fan, want to make something that furthers our connection.

Red Dwarf isn’t the best tv program and a lot of it isn’t really funny. i love it not because it’s the best but because it’s nostalgic and reminds me of different points in my life. its something which has spanned my entire adult life and has comforted me when going through bad times. it’s caused excitement about new shows and it has provided, at times, an actual moral compass on some issues.

i was recently hit by a car on my way home from work and suffered a spinal fracture and open wrist fracture. in 6 days i have learned to write with my left hand better than i could my right. What i thought would never be possible is now necessary. I have had to remain still in a back brace and sit and think for what seemed like ages but was really only 2 weeks in bed. in this time i realised that my problems with the game are coming from trying to fulfill people’s expectations. i know what this game has to be and that’s what im going to build. it may take me years and i may wander off from time to time but….

I’m making it for me and anyone like me.

No more pressure.