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Just… well, because =)


Well, now… This IS taking a while, isn’t it…

Just another short progress update… insomuch as there has been some!

I got hung up for a while (about 2 months) on the concept art. I felt i couldn’t move forward with the game at all if i couldn’t design just one, measly, tiny environment. Seriously, it was a problem. BUT…… (insert dramatic music here(doooo it!)) I remembered an article written by the creators of Monkey Island. In it, they said that one of the first things they did was to get the game working and then worry about the artwork later.

So that’s what i did and I’m currently patchng together Chapter 1  Part 1, using the most piecemeal pixel graphics that’ll do and i have to say:


Things are moving ahead at a steady pace now as I’m getting in about 4hours of work every night. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not going to be A1 finished anytime soon but i can actually see the end of it as a real thing.

Some puzzles that worked fine on the paper have become indecipherable in-game tests and have had to be re-written on the fly; more dialogue has been added as I’ve been going because, try as i might, i can’t play the character and not have him talking to me in that light-hearted MI style way =)

OK, so, back to it! I’ll update this site when the game goes into first testing (doing this with just graphics that say “Kitchen” and “blowtorch” on them) but is sound from a coding point of view.

God for Queen Liz and the devil take the hindmost! (what? it’s a thing, honest!)

Another mini update…!

Chapter 1 has been split into 2 parts and the puzzles have now been designed for both. Part 1 is complete and Part 2 needs some refinement, but….


This means i can jump into concepting out the environments while i work out the tiny details for Part 2, YAY!

I used to battle with being faithful to the ship layout and absolute specifics of the design but it always felt, well… a little sterile and forced. The deisigns will be as true to the original as i can make them but some changes will have to be made to certain room locations and contents. The long and the short of it is this: I’m now starting the concept art stage. So there =)

Story done and on to puzzle design!

Sorry there’s nothing to actually show at this stage. There’re pages and pages and pages of puzzle notes, designs, sketches and brainstorming documents but they’re all a little…. well, spoilery.

After the puzzle dsign is finished then it’s on to the concept work and that i will be able to post. It may be pap but it’s progress.

It’s strange but, doing it this way keeps on giving me energy. When i was working in 3d, i was sort of rudderless but with each thing i’m doing here, i’m becoming really proud of what i’ve achieved. I’ve just finished work (“just” being over the last 4 days) on two puzzles which i would love to find in an adventure game and i can’t wait for the beta testers to try them out!

OK, so, back to it.

Having a jolly whizzy time, Byeeeeee!

Dear lord, but story is hard…

So i’m getting my arse kicked in trying to tie up individual character’s story arcs.

The main story is fine and done but i wanted the player to be able to play any character they want. The reason i’m doing this is so you can feel like part of a team. Part of the crew. Unfortunately, the timeline has to be rejiggled (it’s a word, honest) to make it sequential and still make sense from the perspective of just one character. Depending on whichever character you choose, will decide where you come into the game, what specific tasks you have to accomplish and which storyline you affect.


so…. more of the same but i just wanted to say that i ain’t’n’t dead!

Always Learning

Just an explanatory update today – i’m currently working the story over in OneNote with all my notes to get a clear and chronological story. after that i’ll be able to tailor the levels to exactly suit the flow of the story and know where i can bend the floor plan rules.

After some thought, i’m actually going to keep the simple and cartoonish styling as it reflects the type of game/experience i want the player to have. Lighthearted but still rooted in nostalgia.

I fully appreciate now why a solid plan is so essential to any project. I’ll now no longer be producing artwork on the hope of a congruent story, i will be redesigning the artwork to suit the story that’s very quickly taking shape.

I apologise if this looks a little wishy-washy and indecisive but i have to admit being directionless before but not anymore. I think it’s vitally important that the site candidly reflect my own shortcomings in managing this project. (managing is such a strong word when there’s only me in it…)

Anyway, i’ll be uploading more artwork after the next draft, yay!

Rough Character Sketches – Rimmer

Rimmer Character Sketches

Okaaaaaaay, I want the game to be fun to play and trying to model the characters in a full-on realsitic style is kind of serious. Sort of grown up and, well…. that’s not what i want. I’d like it to look fun so these loose character sketches will form the basis of the cartoon-ish crew.

Until next time =)