I know, I  know…. another unlikeley-to-be-finished Red Dwarf Game…. but!


Well… erm… yes. OK. so it probably won’t get finished but it’s a labour of love and will no doubt take eons to do. That said, I’d better explain what it is I’ll be having a crack at.

Looking back over the posts, it’s clear to see that the nature of the game has changed. It started out as a UDK map but i was always lacking a story. It is now to be made with Adventure Game Studio. While drawing, painting and animating in 2D may be a challenge, i reason that it’s the same challenge as learning UnrealScript or Kismet or even Unity.

What I’m trying to say is that if it’s all going to be a challenge, then i may as well be challenegd trying to make the type of game i have always loved. Happy memories of Monkey Island and Broken Sword plugged into the nostalgia i feel for Red Dwarf and it seems to make more sense.

Anyhow, I’m rambling and you’ll be wanting to get on so, summing up, in brief and without gilding the lilly (I’m like, 85% sure that’s not a sex thing)…

This site is about the production and evolution of a Red Dwarf Game. I should also say that it is purely fan created and not officially sanctioned or for sale or intending to infringe on copyrights or gain monies from others’ ideas.

There we are, then. I should’ve just started with that.