Story done and on to puzzle design!

Sorry there’s nothing to actually show at this stage. There’re pages and pages and pages of puzzle notes, designs, sketches and brainstorming documents but they’re all a little…. well, spoilery.

After the puzzle dsign is finished then it’s on to the concept work and that i will be able to post. It may be pap but it’s progress.

It’s strange but, doing it this way keeps on giving me energy. When i was working in 3d, i was sort of rudderless but with each thing i’m doing here, i’m becoming really proud of what i’ve achieved. I’ve just finished work (“just” being over the last 4 days) on two puzzles which i would love to find in an adventure game and i can’t wait for the beta testers to try them out!

OK, so, back to it.

Having a jolly whizzy time, Byeeeeee!


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