Dear lord, but story is hard…

So i’m getting my arse kicked in trying to tie up individual character’s story arcs.

The main story is fine and done but i wanted the player to be able to play any character they want. The reason i’m doing this is so you can feel like part of a team. Part of the crew. Unfortunately, the timeline has to be rejiggled (it’s a word, honest) to make it sequential and still make sense from the perspective of just one character. Depending on whichever character you choose, will decide where you come into the game, what specific tasks you have to accomplish and which storyline you affect.


so…. more of the same but i just wanted to say that i ain’t’n’t dead!


2 thoughts on “Dear lord, but story is hard…

  1. I personally would have all the basics broken down;
    Whats happened?
    Did multiple things happen?
    Does each character create their own timeline when you play them?
    How does the initial problem get fixed?
    What are all the characters doing to fix it?

    Focusing on the player, if character interact at some fixed point, does it change what the player is doing in that scene? (EG one character is moving through tunnels, another is navigating them, one is doing something comical, the other is fixing something, one is maintaining something to help character in tunnel. If you cant think of something you can always split the group up for some reason. comical/dialog/exploring.

    Do you want it to be technically multiple story game?
    If so, should you shorten the game so as to make someone WANT to play the whole thing as many times.
    Is multiple endings for one character pratical? (i would say more than two, good/bad, is too many if they all have seperate storys)

    Dont think about the items until the story needs them. To get the story/interactions flowing make the game with no items or minigames and just put in point to point triggers (EG character has to defuse a bomb – Character travels to location and presses button, bomb defused continue story)

    Remember a show/movie to game means the filler between scenes is seen by the player, so there must be something to do, or the player must do the thing they mentioned. (these can be worked out last if need be.)

    Remember to keep the characters in formation;
    Who’s the boss of who.
    Who has the ideas.
    Who get things fixed.
    Who has something that can fix the problem. (eg a special door needs you to give it a specific hair style for a lock – Kat has combs and hair spray – Cryton has a database of hairstyles around the universe – Lister can break it by giving it the worst one ever – Rimmer has a useless solution which turns comical – Holly already asked the computer to open up and is inside)

    1. Wow!

      Sorry it took so long to respond. Thanks so much for putting the time and effort into that comment. I’ve taken a lot of what you said onboard and am looking again at the story structure. Right now (and i’m hesitant about saying too much because one day this may actually get made and be playable xD), it’s an episodic thing where each character’s story and game is a chunk of the timline of the whole story. All the characters will be playable but i’m stuck choosing whether to give the player the choice of character and filling them in on the story so far, or, just making them start at the beginning of the story with the default character.

      i’ve made all the puzzles in the first chapter and am currently drawing the backgrounds and doing all the art for it. It’s Kryten’s chapter on the Nova 5 =)

      Thanks again and all the best, Jack!

      Andrew =)

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