Always Learning

Just an explanatory update today – i’m currently working the story over in OneNote with all my notes to get a clear and chronological story. after that i’ll be able to tailor the levels to exactly suit the flow of the story and know where i can bend the floor plan rules.

After some thought, i’m actually going to keep the simple and cartoonish styling as it reflects the type of game/experience i want the player to have. Lighthearted but still rooted in nostalgia.

I fully appreciate now why a solid plan is so essential to any project. I’ll now no longer be producing artwork on the hope of a congruent story, i will be redesigning the artwork to suit the story that’s very quickly taking shape.

I apologise if this looks a little wishy-washy and indecisive but i have to admit being directionless before but not anymore. I think it’s vitally important that the site candidly reflect my own shortcomings in managing this project. (managing is such a strong word when there’s only me in it…)

Anyway, i’ll be uploading more artwork after the next draft, yay!


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