Porting the Temporary Operations Deck to UDK for Testing




So, It’s been quite a successful couple of days. I got the proxy observation dome modeled, started Rimmer’s head and managed to get the OPS deck into UDK. It’s so good to be able to flip between the two and check things like ceiling height, scale, door width, player speed to hallway length (I’ve actually halved the manic player speed to get a better look around and it works really well.)

I know now that there are some pieces of modular set geometry that need changing before starting on the proper set.

The plan is to get the game working and pace feeling right and when that’s done, when the game actually works as a game, I’ll trade out the blocky temporary set for the textured and well-lit beauty!!(I’ve yet to make…eeeeekers)!!!



4 thoughts on “Porting the Temporary Operations Deck to UDK for Testing

    1. Sorry to double post but I forgot to add stuff to that post. I’m only now realising heh. Anyway, if added to a program like Garry’s Mod or Source Filmmaker, fans like myself could make videos or comic strips which would also do what you intend to do (making us feel connected to the show and all that). It’s just an idea at least, I’ve only just found this site out and I’m very much behind you now either way you go.

      Imagine that, recreating entire Red Dwarf episodes within SFM. Or it could perhaps allow us to go a step further and make our own episodes. Of course we’d lack the voice work but it’s probably worth it 🙂 Still, something as big as Red Dwarf might not even fit in Hammer, you’d probably have to chop it up and have each part as its own map or prop.

      1. What you say is absolutely right, really. I admit to being quite protective over the assets because friends of mine have been ripped off before and blatently so! And that’s not to mention the tidal wave of whingers and whiners who complain that a free asset doesn’t do this or that or isn’t good enough… well… aside from mentioning them just there, anyway xDDD

        I’m a little handicapped at the moment but i can send you whatever you need when i’m up and about again if you send me your email address. I’ll get them into .OBJ file format or i’m sure that a lot of the architecture is in one maya asci (.ma) file too if that’s any help?

        Please bear in mind though that all of this stuff is only very basic as i was working out proportions, relative scale and schematics. I was going to make stuff work first and then tart it up later so it won’t be finished stuff. If you do ask for any files, please have patience as even typing this one handed is wearing me out. It may take some time.

        All the best with whatever you do and a full 5 loop double rimmer for your efforts!

      2. I have no idea how to do any of the modelling type stuff though, but I do know a site that could probably help get it into those games at least. I’ll ask around and get back to ya 😀 how much of the ship have you done by the way?

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