Starting Red Dwarf’s Floor Plan

Drive Room Block in

This is the start of my basic, super chunky and low poly, back to brass tacks, no-nonsense (hmmmm) blocking in of the floor plan. I haven’t been able to find anything like a floor plan for Red Dwarf anywhere online so i thought by starting lo poly like this, I’d be able to get something i could fit together as i go. The green block is a humanoid scale reference.

Please try to remember that this is just my interpretation of the ship and I’m still addressing how to make it seem larger than it is. I’ve had to cut corners and do things which do not marry up to the TV series just to make things fit.

The idea was to make a whole set at this level and then get it into the game engine. I could then move around the area and see if any huge mistakes are there. I’ve a couple of friends who are avid gamers and Red Dwarf fans who will play test it and give me candid reports back. They’re also patient because this modeling lark takes aaaaaaaages to do. Well… it takes me ages, anyway


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